$6000 OFF 2020 Isuzu FTR!

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Published: 08/12/2020

$6000 Off, Really?

You can’t beat this deal if you need a 26,000 GVW truck for last mile deliveries, produce, furniture or anything else.  Isuzu is offering $6000 off on 2020 model year FTR trucks as inventory is available.  This makes the FTR the lowest priced 26,000 GVW truck on the market right now!

What makes the FTR a great truck?

  • The cabover design gives the truck the best turning radius out of all of the larger trucks.  Safer in city driving!
  • The visibility while driving the truck makes it truly a truck anyone can drive = Less Accidents!
  • The 3 Year/Unlimited Mile Warranty is unmatched!
  • While the truck is in warranty, you have free roadside assistance and towing!
  • Extend both the warranty and towing for less than an AAA membership!
  • The FTR can have up to a 30′ truck body.  More cargo = more profit!

Get a quote on the FTR today!  You will be amazed at the pricing I can provide.  Email me or call 714-357-4896.

$6000 Off 2020 FTR While Inventory Lasts!


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