CNG is the Fuel for the Port of Los Angeles

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Published: 12/20/2019

CNG is the Fuel for the Port of Los Angeles

CNG is the fuel for the Port of Los Angeles. According to a CAAP Report released recently concludes that even though there are limitations battery/electric trucks and natural gas/CNG trucks are the furthest along to hit the port’s short term goals through 2021.

With mass production of the Freightliner ECascadia a year or so away, CNG is the fuel for the Port of Los Angeles, clearly. If used in conjunction with the state’s HVIP Grant Program for low Nox vehicles, it is affordable. This makes the Cascadia CNG therefore the right truck for the job. In one case I was able to secure a customer $45,000 grants per truck for 50 units running CNG.

The question on truck build spec is up to how much fuel you want to carry and range is available? Agility Fuel Systems offers a large back of cab system or a saddle tank set up that I’ve had good luck with.

There are only two issues with CNG, both of which don’t need to be. The first is range. If the truck is spec’d correctly, we can get the same distance of your current truck. Simple planning makes this problem go away.

The second issue is fueling. With the CNG network expanding rapidly, in most major metro areas you can find CNG fuel available readily.

With grant funding for low Nox vehicles, tanks to cover your range and fuel available, why not switch to CNG for your port work now? Contact me so I can get you a quote that fits your needs.

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