Covid-19 and CARB Compliance

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Published: 03/25/2020

These are very extraordinary times with covid-19 and CARB compliance.

As the covid-19 virus spreads and more businesses close temporarily, many struggle to comply with CARB regulations.  There is a slow down in getting chassis from the factories as many in Michigan have gone to limited staff.  Body companies that build the boxes, flatbeds, stake beds and reefer bodies are running on reduced work forces.  Delays in getting trucks completed for delivery to customers is now common.

Will CARB ease restrictions or grant extensions?

Working with a large fleet and replacing many units that are coming up on CARB compliance issues.  We discussed this very topic, would CARB grant extensions to comply if you were working towards that end but were experiencing slow downs in production?

I reached out to the Diamond Bar office of the California Air Resource Board’s helpline.  I was contacted via email and was told, by an enforcement officer, that secondary extensions, after paying registrations and getting the 90 day extension, were available.  However, they wanted all of the information on the fleet, the customer, the VIN’s and locations of the trucks.  I specifically asked about the secondary extension and was given a non-answer.  This was unsettling.

Instead I called the compliance assistance hotline (866-6DIESEL) and asked about the secondary extension.  I was told, without hesitation, there is no secondary extension.  The only extension to CARB is to pay your registration for the year in full and get the 90 day extension offered.  After that 90 days, your truck is out of compliance.

The take away…

Even in these times with covid-19 and staying home orders, your truck needs to be compliant.  There is no extension coming, you need to work on addressing that truck issue now.  The one big change is that you need to plan in advance to get that truck built.  Before, you could expect 90 days or so.  Now, I would expect months for a replacement truck.  Plan ahead.

How can I help you?

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