New or Used Tractor for Sale, Which is Best?

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Published: 12/20/2019

how to make tractor buying easy

New or Used Tractor for Sale, which is best for me? People reach out to me daily with different wants and needs for their tractor purchase. Should I be looking for a New or Used Tractor for Sale? It could be color, number of bunks, APU, transmission type, safety features or any number of items that we can provide for you. Tractors can have any number of customized features to make it more user friendly or comfortable to the drivers. New Freightliner Cascadia tractors come with tons of features Freightliner Cascadia. Another real question is, what are the basic specs that I must have in a New or Used Tractor for Sale?

The best way to start shopping for a tractor is in the following order:

1. Budget – Can you afford new or used? If looking for used, how many miles are acceptable. Have a solid number on what your budget is. The reason is this helps you and your sales person narrow down the search properly.

2. Automated manual transmission or good old fashioned manual? In this day and age, where the automated manual transmissions are so great and reliable I often wonder why someone would want to crunch gears. But, no matter what, at least three times a week I get a gear grinder wanting a truck. It doesn’t save money and you get one leg larger than the other if you drive in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. No matter what I can help you find that manual or automated trans as it fits your needs.

3. Engine – I’m a fan of the DD13 and DD15 Detroit engines, but Cummins puts out a great power plant as well. Know which one you want up front or if you are flexible in your purchase.

4. APU, Shore Power or neither?

5. Bunks – Are you running a team or going solo?

6. Color – Do you mind a white truck (most popular color in the market) or rather, do you need a splash of color in your life. Also, you can always wrap the white truck to fit your needs too. Therefore, this gives you the ability to change it back to white for resale. As a result, this adds

value if your buyer doesn’t want a red truck. Food for thought.

Finally, if you can narrow these simple items down, finding your dream truck is much easier and less clouded by noise. It also gives people like me a way to drill down to get exactly what you want and the price you need. Have questions on this or anything else regarding shopping for a truck? Reach out, I’m happy to help.

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