Electric Commercial Trucks are Here Now!

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Published: 03/13/2020

Electric Commercial Trucks

Electric commercial trucks are here now! The Fuso Daimler Ecanter is launching the second round of leases for these trucks. The first round of leases have gone well with the truck put in the right application. Fuso is in full production with electric trucks and is the first to the table.

Do you want your company on the next round of leases? Let me know now!

Just on the horizon is the big daddy of electrification. The Freightliner ECascadia and EM2. These trucks are game changers on the playing field. This will be the first viable electric truck with range, a dealer network to support it and production capabilities. Unlike the mom and pop operations that have been dabbling in electric trucks with a Chinese chassis and a cobbled together system, the Freightliner Emobility project will have it all! Top to bottom, this will be a Freightliner product.

With electric commercial trucks here now, have you thought about your fleet?

Strategy for the conversion to electric is both facility and ability. The facility needs to have the electric capabilities to charge a fleet of vehicles at one time. Furthermore, the company needs to have the financial plan in place to get in the grant program and purchase vehicles. Planning will be everything with going electric.

How can I help situation your fleet to go green? Let me know!

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