Full Service Lease $0.06/Mile

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Published: 12/20/2019

Isuzu Full Service Lease $0.06/mile

Can you believe that you can get an Isuzu Full Service Lease at $0.06/mile?

Isuzu offers a program called PSMP. PSMP stands for Priority Service Maintenance Program and it can cover your new Isuzu trucks maintenance needs, warranty issues and give you a true full service ownership experience. The Isuzu N Series Gas coupled with PSMP can get your costs to as low as $0.06/mile for a full service lease or purchase!

The way the program is purchased up front and binds the dealership servicing the vehicle to Isuzu warranty rate. This rate is therefore much less than what you would pay as customer bringing your truck into the shop. If you don’t use all of the services at the end of the term, Isuzu will refund you the money associated with the left over services. Are you kidding? That is the best deal in the business!

Again, you can use this program in a lease or a purchase. You decide! The options are great to tailor to your business needs. Isuzu covers the details here.

This program covers tow and roadside assistance, can be spec’d to cover tires, brakes and rental replacement. Standard features are A, B and C services, soft parts like hoses, belts, wipers, etc. PSMP makes owning a truck a breeze! The program gets adjusted to your miles and term to make your costs reasonable. The ability to make the program suit your business therefore moves the needle on costs. Want less costs, we can do that. More services, we can do that too. The right truck and the right program for your business makes sense, doesn’t it?

Do you need a quote? I’m happy to provide one for you. If you reach out to me today, I can start to work on a program that fits your business. Drop me a line today!

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