Fuso Trucks Available at an AMAZING Discount

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Published: 07/20/2020

There are amazing deals right now on Fuso diesel and gas trucks.  Comparable to the Isuzu NPR or GM 4500, these trucks offer significant savings, a longer power train warranty, all wheel disc brakes and the bullet-proof Allison transmission with a 5 year/unlimited mile warranty standard (gas truck only).


Box or body sizes range from 12′ – 20′ for the factory chassis.  We can either build the body to suit your needs or transfer your existing body over to a new chassis.  By transferring your existing body over you will save thousands of dollars and be in a new work truck for very little investment.


In addition, the new Fuso gas trucks come with free roadside assistance for three years/36,000 miles and 5 years/75,000 miles of free oil changes.  Not bad!  The diesel truck comes with 3 years of free roadside assistance and 5 years/175,000 mile power train warranty.

By having customer’s switch over to Fuso from the competitors, we’ve saved companies tens of thousands of dollars.  You should get with the Fuso program!

Call or email me today to get a quote.  We have trucks on the ground ready to go!

714-357-4896 or gcurtis@vvgtruck.com


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