Isuzu Diesel Truck Driver Training Video

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Published: 12/20/2019

Isuzu Driver Training

Isuzu diesel truck driver training video provides everything you need to train drivers to properly drive the Isuzu Diesel Truck and the Isuzu FTR.

In this video it will go through the truck functions, and therefore better equip your driver to use a diesel truck.  Because of this training, your driver will experience less issues.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Maintenance schedule
  • Regen (automatic or selective)
  • What a regen is and how to complete it
  • Potential error messages
  • Limited speed due to error messages
  • Water separator
  • Low DEF warning
  • How to turn on the exhaust brake
  • How to do a walk around

These topics are very important to the use of your Isuzu diesel truck.  By using the Isuzu diesel truck driver training video, your driver will better utilize the features of the truck.  Features such as the engine exhaust brake will save in repair costs.  This feature will reduce the expense on brakes by slowing the truck with exhaust back pressure.

A big take away from this video is how to do a daily walk around.  By utilizing this walk around form your drivers can catch issues as they arise.

The SCR system on the Isuzu diesel truck helps reduce emissions and is a critical part of the truck. By having your drivers utilize the video, they will know more about how the truck regens. Similarly, they will also know when they will need to do a manual regen or fill DEF fluid. Subsequently, your driver can avoid the truck going into error mode due to a lack of regen.

In addition to these topics, it will cover best practices for the Isuzu Diesel Truck. Above all, the video will help keep your truck on the road and in good working order.

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