Do You Need A New Isuzu Truck?

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Published: 02/18/2019

New Isuzu Trucks

Do You Need A New Isuzu Truck?

From the beginning of the process to taking delivery of your truck, you don’t need to drive in traffic to a dealership lot.  I handle your transaction at your location.  Tell me what kind of truck you need.  Or, better yet, let me visit your site and spec out your truck to your needs.  After that, I provide a quote, credit application if needed and we get the truck ordered and body built or swapped over.  This process is that simple.  I am not a broker, I work for the largest Isuzu dealership group locally.

I can build you whatever Isuzu truck you need for your business. In some cases, I have the trucks on the ground now.

Dry vans, bobtails, stake beds, refrigerated boxes, flatbeds, lumber trucks, crane bodies and whatever else you can dream up I can build.

Which Isuzu Truck do You Need?

From the popular Isuzu N Series Diesel , the growing in popularity Isuzu Isuzu N Series Gas or the 26,000 GVW Isuzu FTR. Isuzu makes the most reliable cab-over truck in the market. Because of this, it is also the most popular with about 90% market share.

There are Programs for Your New Isuzu Truck

In addition to the truck, there are great programs from Isuzu. All of the trucks come with two years of free oil changes. This program will save you up to $6000 over two years!

The Isuzu N Series and F Series also comes with free towing and roadside assistance for the length of the warranty. If you purchase one of the very inexpensive extended warranties, that towing and roadside assistance will be extended also. How can you lose?

Do you want all of your maintenance covered?  Isuzu has a program I can build to your time and expected miles that will cover all of your maintenance as well.  Simply drive your truck, we take care of the rest!

Need Specs and Warranty Information?

Need specs or warranty details on the Isuzu trucks? Click here: N Series Diesel All Models, Isuzu N Series Gas, Isuzu N Series Crew Cab and Isuzu FTR.

Need to train your driver on how to use an Isuzu diesel truck? I can do that also: Isuzu Diesel Truck Driver Training Video

Email me at today to get your Isuzu purchase process started or simply call me at 714-357-4896!


One thought on “Do You Need A New Isuzu Truck?”

  • Hi Grant, We spoke briefly on the phone, I’m the General Manager here at Reynolds GMC/Isuzu. I have heard your name for many years through our Isuzu connections. I just wanted to let you know if you ever have a customer in the West Covina area that needs help with a immediate service repair situation, I would love to help. We would pick up and deliver your customers truck if needed. We would always frame the conversation as doing the work on behalf of Grant Curtis and Velocity. Keep my name and number just in case a need occurs.
    Chuck Rhodes, 626-331-0281

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