Saving Money in Truck Replacement

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Published: 12/20/2019

Saving Money in Truck Replacement

Saving money in truck replacement, is it possible?

I understand, CARB compliance has gotten you down. Your old faithful truck has to be replaced. You waited too long and there are no longer grant programs available. How do you get a new truck with as little cash outlay and costs as possible?

Finance Programs

Coming in with strong credit may qualify you as a “no money down” type of customer.  In come cases, like Ford, we’ve applied the rebate as a down payment saving a potential customer $6000 in upfront costs.  Another program that might help is a TRAC lease in which your first payment is your down.  There are many ways to look at it, but it starts with the credit approval process.  The sooner we can get a submission in the sooner we can find the program that works best for you.

Body swap vs. New Body

Do you really need a new truck body? Or, is your current body in good enough condition to be moved over to save thousands over new? This year we’ve been helping many customers like you replace chassis and simply swapped over bodies and lift gates. We’ve used this method successfully for hundreds of customers. If the body usable and you want an uplift, we can always refurbish parts of the body to make it look much better. In many cases of a dry van, a simple wrap can hide many imperfections.

How much truck do you really need?

In the case of a customer a few weeks ago we were able to down spec his truck.  He had a 26,000 GVW truck that was running once or twice weekly.  We were able to move him down a level, into a 19,500 GVW truck and add one run a week.  The initial up front savings were around $14,000 and enough to take seriously.  In this case, it really made sense to alter the current plan slightly for real savings.

If’ you’d like to look at ways to save in your truck replacement,reach out! Let’s see how we might be able to save you money!

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